Shipping Info

Digital Downloads are available from anywhere in North America with Internet access. If you live outside of North America, and are interested in purchasing, please contact me.

All content from Digital Downloads is delivered as an email with a download link. This is sent automatically after a successful payment is made and marked that the order as fulfilled.

Click on the link to download. In Windows computers, files are downloaded to the Downloads folder. It may be the same for Mac computers.

Download times are dependent on the size and quantity of the image files ordered, as well as your Internet connection. If you have an problems, please contact me.

Mixed Media creations once purchased, will be shipped only in Canada using Canada Post expedited shipping (including insurance) method.

The shipping cost is determined by weight. Based on the currently available pieces, the shipping cost is set at $12 dollars (Cdn).

NOTE: If the artwork is purchased locally, other methods of payment and delivery are available.

Extra care will be taken in preparing the package for shipment.