Art Info

Janice P Van Dijk owns the rights to all images and artwork image files.

About Mixed Media: imagery from photos, paintings are often combined with text, digitized  monoprints e.g., (gelatin or gelli prints) and other textures e.g., CitraSolv images, paint, beads, and fibre, as a wall-hanging or mounted on painted canvas.

About Digital Paintings: The digital paintings are created with individual brush strokes using Corel Painter as the software program. Adobe Photoshop is also used in the image creation.

About Digital Downloads: 

Why sell art downloads? The rationale for providing art as digital downloads is twofold:

  1. to increase access (global access and affordability) to my creative work, and
  2. to increase the possibilities on how these creations can be used to suit your personal preferences and/or needs

These copyrighted image files are for personal use only and may not be distributed or sold in any way. You can print multiple times and print for others, but the file cannot be shared with others.

The digital image files are non-refundable.

These digital image files can be printed on paper or canvas, fabric e.g., pillows, or gift wrap - according to Your ideas. Use a specialized (online or store-front) print shop for best quality e.g., Costco, Zazzle, Pixels, Shutterfly, Cafepress, Spooflower and local photography stores that offer online printing.

When you choose a print shop, and decide on a project, first determine the pixel dimensions needed to create Your project. This information will be helpful when determining which image file will meet that need.

Print Image Sizes: This download product information provides a range of possible print sizes. Each printing business will have their minimum file size specifications for printing any item.  For example, provides this information in their Get Help section. For their 12-inch by 12-inch canvas pillow, 2400 pixels @ 200 dpi is needed. It the image files has 2400 pixels for the shortest size, this project can be completed

Digital File Colour Matching: Adobe RGB 1998 is the colour profile used for each download image on this site.  I recommend not to adjust the colour since differences in colour display often occur with monitors e.g., not calibrated. Print businesses may wish to convert to CMYK.