About Artist

Janice P Van Dijk

Janice P Van Dijk

Creativity is an important part of my life. Colour, texture, light and shadow are what catch my attention. Mixed media/mixed media fibre art, painting and photography or a combination of these media are the media used to translate what I see and how I experience the beauty of the world around us.

Photography enables me to be out and about looking and seeing and experiencing. Watercolour painting allows me to reflect on a scene that caught my attention while I was out and about, perhaps while photographing. Currently my painting interests have moved to batik and digital painting where painting options are unlimited!

Painting, in whatever form, is a contemplative activity for me. Mixed media art and/or mixed media fibre art provide me ways of merging all the media that I enjoy and love to explore.

With all this exploration nothing remains static. My creative works will continue to change and evolve.

This website is a place where I can make available my creative works available to you.

Kingston, Ontario is my place of residence.

Thank you for visiting!